Like any explorer traversing a tempestuous sea, this post–my virgin voyage into the unknown world of “internetting”–is a victory riddled with seasickness, scrambled stars, and perhaps a touch of scurvy.

If you know me (or have ever tried to communicate with me via technology) you know that I suffer from a serious condition called Technology Repellance. This condition could be documented. Phones are reduced to a mess of busy signals and lost networks in my hands. Computers spontaneously shut down while the wi-fi evaporates, never to return. I have lost opportunities and friendships along the way when people decided I must be ignoring them because no one human could be legitimately unreachable on so many different forms of communication all at the same time. If they only knew. There are no pills for what ails me. Only the option to return to homing pigeons which I have genuinely considered a time or two. (But who doesn’t love a hand-written sentiment delivered by a skittish fowl in the middle of the night?)

And just as it took me until my senior year of college (no joke) to graduate from poster board to power point, it has now taken me nearly twelve years as a professional writer to finally have a functioning website where I will attempt to blog (still googling exactly how to do so) and be more reachable. So for those of you who have managed to track me down on Facebook to ask why in the world I am a ghost in the virtual world (doesn’t that just make me sound cool, though?) and received no response for a year on average, I am here to internet.

I plant my flag. 🙂

2 comments on “Planting my Flag on the Internets!”

  1. Kari, I think it is a great way for you to do what you do so well. Write. I am proud you have “planted your flag.” Good job! So sad you are not just around the corner but it was nice while it lasted and I was able to get a little acquainted with the little girls. I hope you will come to the cabin again this summer. We loved having you up there.

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